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Stands, Signs, Mimic Panels & Switchboard Labels

We can manufacture one off or multiple stands and signs out of any laserable materials. Stands and signs can be customised to suit your needs.

Also, Laserworks can assist you with the manufacturer of switchboard labels, data outlet labels, circuit breaker labels and fire panel labels. We hold stocks of thin engraving laminate, stangard engraving lanimate and anodised aluminium and stainless steel. All panels and labels can be provided with double-sided tape if required.

Thin Engraving Laminate

Is ideal for small data outlets, thin as well as being durable for hard working positions. This thin engraving material at 0.7mm thick is useful for control panels, electrical switchboard labels,outlet labels, data labels, and mimic panels.

Standard Engraving Laminate

Widely used material for engraving purposes. This standard engraving laminate at 1.5mm thick is used in many industries because of its durability, hardness and variety of colours.Perfect for electriclswitchboard labels, plant and equipment identification, fire indication panels and mimic panels.

Anodised Aluminuim and Stainless Steel

Both durable and hard wearing anodised aluminium can be obtained in a number of colours and is ideal for signs and even business cards. Stainless Steel is extremely hard wearing and ideal for external signs, indication panels and alarm panels.

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